Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire, good bike for the money and its not that heavy in my opinion

The couple of days ago. I’m looking for information on the Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bike Silver, so i have to tell.

Mongoose Men's Malus Fat Tire Bike Silver

The Mongoose Malus 26″ beach cruiser is designed to be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain thanks to oversized tires for stability traction. Cruiser frame geometry adds a comfortable but athletic riding position. The Dolomite is equipped with a supersized beach frame with plenty of clearance to conquer any terrain with the 4 1/4″ knobby tires. Alloy 4″ wide wheel set …. Read more or Check Price

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Customer Reviews Purchased this product

every thing I wanted fat tire bike. I heard a lot of negative things about this bike online but none of them true. good bike for the money and is not so heavy. by gerald lonski

Bikes are awesome Tyres puncture easily however have a lot of mud on hand. by Kalanz

Fun bike and faster than 3 minutes on a 5.3-mile trip to tennis three times a week compared to my 15 years Mongoose Blackcomb. by Robert Payne

The front fork was bent just enough for the tire to fit in its place but that was easily remedied. My son absolutely loves this bike. Greatlooks rides great by Tammy Tamm


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